One of the biggest dog health problems that some dogs can suffer from is hip dysplasia. In fact of all the kinds of hips problems suffered by dogs this are certainly one of the most common. The factors that cause a dog to suffer from this particular polygenetic disorder include the following:

  • The dog’s genetic makeup—if there happens to be history in the dog’s family background suffering from the illness
  • The environment can have a negative effective on those breeds susceptible to this illness

Generally hip dysplasia is more common in larger breeds than smaller ones. A dog that suffers from this illness will have it in either of their hips or both. When diagnosing hip dysplasia, veterinarians will look following characteristics with their hips.

  • A thin socket but the ball of the hip is actually quite normal in shape and size
  • The hip ball may well be deformed but the socket itself is still normal in shape
  • The dog’s hip ball and socket are both deformed
  • The joints in the dog’s hip are actually misaligned
  • The ligaments that surround the hip joint may well be loose

A dog suffering from hip dysplasia may not just suffer from one or a combination of the above problems, in fact they can suffer from them all. In the more severe cases a vet is likely to suggest that your dog be treated surgically in order to correct the problem. Surgery for this condition involves replacing the joint and ball of the hip with synthetic ones. Any dog suffering from hip dysplasia, no matter the severity, will need to be placed on a special diet and will need a special exercise plan set up for them. By following the diet and exercise plan to the letter an owner will lessen the effects of this particular illness on their dog in the future. In most cases your dog will need to take some form of medication prescribed by your vet to reduce the pain.

To avoid hip problems in your dog’s lifetime, you should look at ways you can help to prevent further pressure being placed on these particular joints. One of the best ways is to purchase a good set of dog steps such as those made by Pet Loader. Pet Loader pet stairs are designed to ensure that a dogs hips have less pressure and stress placed upon them as in order to gain access into your vehicle they walk up a steady incline rather than having them jump in or out of the vehicle. The Pet Loader steps are wide comfortable platforms that provide a flat stable surface with easy traction for your pet to climb.

Access to and from vehicles and heights – Many people when looking at dog safety will often forget that a lot of injuries to dogs are caused by pressure and stress being placed on their body’s joints, muscles and ligaments. Smaller dogs can be harmed just from jumping from furniture. When a dog is getting in and out of a vehicle, an owner will often just allow their dog to jump, but this can actually cause more damage to their dog than they know. However to prevent such damage and to ensure that a dog can get in or out of a vehicle easily an owner should consider purchasing a good quality set of pet steps such as those designed by Pet Loader. These steps have been specifically designed with dogs in mind and they are extremely stable no matter what height of vehicle you drive plus they are coated with a washable carpet which provides sufficient traction for your dog as they climb in or out of your vehicle.